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Systems and Programming

Dog Fooding Jekyll

In the past I had always used Jekyll to blog. However, when I started doing other stuff I ended up on Ghost. Why has escaped my memory, probably because it was a shallow reason to begin with. And while I still help maintain quite a few blogs that are powered by Ghost (and even have a Ghost Docker image.) I have decided to move back to Jekyll and dog food what I help maintain, because it seems weird to maintain something I don’t even use, right? Well, technically I use it on a daily basis.

On Bash complete in Ruby.

Your auto-completion is kind-of complicated. You build it entirely in bash with the assumption that it provides more perf (and it probably does… it probably isn’t to-be honest… based on what I can gander just from looking at it.) However, it’s not very maintainable even if it does have more perf. Why not use Ruby to generate the auto complete list for Ruby?