Tag your Bash history!

Everybody loves tags now. You can't even escape them, so why not apply it to your Bash history? You can actually comment your Bash history the way you do your source code and just like a hash tag they start »

Link Dereferencing in Ruby.

In all my years of Ruby I never once cared (or even really thought) about link dereferencing until recently, and then when I needed it, it didn't exist. Of course you can dereference the root, that's easy, I don't need »

Are static configs for things really all that bad?

They say: "Don't build static configurations into software," well, in this case lets talk libraries or CLI's. The kind you consume as a programmer. Recently as I was working on open sourcing a CLI application that takes my concept of »

Changelog: jekyll/docker

adeac93: UID check /srv/jekyll and modify jekyll to that. 821559d: Move version key to tags key in /opts.yml for upstream. adeac93: We no longer chown -R /srv/jekyll but only specific folders. be1d8ac: We have moved from /options »