On Bash complete in Ruby.

Your auto-completion is kind-of complicated. You build it entirely in bash with the assumption that it provides more perf (and it probably does... it probably isn't to-be honest... based on what I can gander just from looking at it.) However, »

Super-simple breadcrumbs in Jekyll 3.0

More tips for Jekyll 3.0: Breadcrumbs. Over the years I've seen some overly complicated breadcrumb stuff for Jekyll, many of which do really complicated stuff for a trivial topic. For Jekyll 3.0 lets show you how to do »

Recursive (sub-)navigation with Jekyll 3.0

Here it is, Jekyll 3 is finally stable and a lot of the sites I help manage that use Jekyll have all updated and a lot of them had some hefty customization's but with Jekyll 3.0 things got tons »

Tag your Bash history!

Everybody loves tags now. You can't even escape them, so why not apply it to your Bash history? You can actually comment your Bash history the way you do your source code and just like a hash tag they start »