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Systems and Programming

Removing Nginx from Jekyll Docker, and other updates

Today Jekyll Docker removed Nginx from the image entirely. In the past it existed solely to make it easy for GitHub Pages users to get almost GitHub pages like behavior, however, in 3.0 we merged updates to serve that did that directly inside of our WEBRick instance so it really isn’t necessary anymore, and users who still need it can always wait until next week when I work on the super image to update, this will give you some nice new stuff meant for people who want a one-stop shop for Jekyll on their servers.

Dog Fooding Jekyll

In the past, I had always used Jekyll to blog. However, when I started doing other stuff, somehow, I ended up on Ghost. Why has escaped my memory, it was probably a shallow reason. And while I still help maintain quite a few blogs that are powered by Ghost (and even maintain a Ghost Docker image.) I have decided to move back to Jekyll and dog food what I help maintain, because it seems weird to maintain something I don’t even use, right? Well, technically I use it on a daily basis.