Jordon Bedwell

Jekyll Assets 3.09 has been released.

Today, Jekyll Assets 3.0.9 has been released 🎂. It only includes a few minor changes to setup the release for v3.1.0 which will have a few changes to the way things work. Here is what’s changed.

{% asset srcset %} now supports conversion.

Previously we only allowed you to set denisity, and the width you wanted, as of this release you can now change the format of the image… this way you can say, convert an SVG to a JPG, PNG (why, beats me.) To do this you add a third argument:

{% asset src.jpg
    srcset="200px 2x gif"
    srcset="100px 1x gif"

transparency, and background.

ImageMagick proxy gained transparency, and background. Right now this is pretty basic, but in the future it will enable us to allow you to do things like convert SVG to PNG with transparency. On top of that we also optimized the way we open, handle, and change types, so now things are much faster in that department (but not that much faster in reality.)

Other Changes

  • Fixed ImageOptim, it didn’t work right.
  • Fixed documentation on ImageOptim, it was wrong.
  • Added a default ImageOptim profile.
  • Fixed various other bugs.
  • Refactored a lot.

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